Our Process

Follow the CreditStream to financial literacy and credit health.


The discovery phase takes place during the initial sign-up in which our clients may upload any relevant information that can aid in our research and dispute process.


Our team will work to identify inaccurate information that may be disputed on your behalf. 

If additional questions arise we may circle back to ensure we have everything we need to assist.

Credit education

We believe in educating and empowering our clients to have strong financial literacy. Our team provides best practices, frequently asked questions and credit courses to our valued clients.

Streamlined overview

In partnership with our affiliates we provide a streamlined overview of your credit profile to help you stay informed of your standing along your credit journey with us.

Credit monitoring

Whether you choose to use our services or work towards your own credit objectives credit monitoring is vital to help maintain your standing.

Each of our programs includes credit monitoring at an additional rate.

Digest e-mails

Stay informed about changes in the credit industry, new updates taking place with CreditStream and frequently asked questions from our clients via email subscriptions. You may opt out at anytime.